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A Body of Mine

by Jo Wilkie

Is there any woman out there that doesn’t need to take time to appreciate her body?? I certainly can’t say that I consciously honor my body enough…

Dearest body of mine,

I come to you in offering and gratitude for all the ways in which you support me in living the life I choose to lead. As a mother, yoga teacher, CPA, writer, wife, and avid exerciser, you have your work cut out for you! Chasing a toddler on too-little sleep, hunching over the computer for hours at a time, squinting at the screen (or a book), running on hard concrete, performing handstands when you were screaming at me… you work so hard on my behalf! Although I now lead a healthy lifestyle, designed to help you help me, it wasn’t always that way. I thank you for your ability to toss off the toxic habits that I employed for too many years.

My deepest apologies for ever looking at you with dismay or disgust, which has happened, I am ashamed to admit. Through everything, your devotion to my wellbeing has been constant, and I am guilty of taking that for granted. I appreciate the loud reminders of your amazing beauty and resiliance. That being said, I am sorry that you so often have yell and scream to get my attention. I often expect more from you than I give back.

In my heart of hearts, I know what you need to feel your best. In the coming days, months, and years, I will listen more closely and move in that direction. I cannot promise perfection, but I can promise progress. May we walk this path of discovery, together, for many years together. May I support you in the ways you so richly deserve. May I remember always, to honor you in my words and in my actions.

I bow deeply to your unceasing dedication. Thank you for everything, my dear body. Thank you.

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