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A Moving Update

by Jo Wilkie

Our final shipment of furniture arrived from Colorado this morning. It was fast and furious as the crew of five men dumped everything into our apartment, leaving both my husband and I sort of stunned this morning. Space that once felt large now feels, well, um, cozy.

The tally of damages that we have found today:

-The couch that we never sat on because it was our fancy couch, well… the entire frame of it is broken. I am still shocked beyond belief. I have no idea what the packers in Colorado were thinking.

-Our mid-century modern teak hutch? Cracked. Honestly, I always expect this piece to sustain damage. This is the worst it’s gotten in five moves. Thank goodness it’s fixable.

-Before I left Seattle I had bought a hand-blown glass starfish. The movers, in their infinite wisdom, wrapped it in one piece of paper and put in on top of a book box. The starfish is a number of pieces. This was almost as hard to take as the couch. Call me crazy…

Really, moving is the best lesson in non-attachment. I always think of the story of the monk and the teacup, which I can’t recall in it’s entirety at the moment (I’m also in the middle of a little cold). What I do remember about the story is that he tells his student to enjoy precious items as if the next moment they will be gone or broken. To truly enjoy and relish everything, so, when it (whatever “it” is) inevitably comes to an end, there will be wonderful memories and no regret.

Off to continue unpacking my many long-forgotten treasures and have a bit of time with my Yoga mat before bed.

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