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Advantages of eating raw vegetables

by Jo Wilkie

Burgers, chips, doughnuts and carbonated drinks are perhaps some of the most commonly consumed food items. You see, we consume huge amounts of these items daily without realizing the dangers they pose to our health.  Yet we fail to break free from our habits as this is some of the most convenient, and let’s admit it, tasty food that we can lay our hands on. Based upon the taste factor, who would ever choose a salad over a large, juicy burger? I don’t think anyone ever would! Or why would one want to eat a fruit salad when he can easily satisfy my cravings for something sweet with a sticky glazed doughnut? I’m sure these are the questions that you often ask yourself too. Well, this post is only written to be able to answer your questions. I will give you a reason why you would want to choose a salad over these amazingly tasty treats.

They help you lose weight:

You know that super amazing diet plan that your neighbor told you about? Or that extremely tough exercise routine that your friend suggested to help you lose weight? They aren’t going to work. Even if they do, they will do so temporarily. Eating raw vegetables, however, ensure that you manage to lose weight without having to starve yourself. This is one piece of advice that can prove to be really helpful to you if you listen to it!

They help prevent heart diseases and cancer:

Since raw vegetables are rich in antioxidants, they help reduce the chances of an individual developing cancer or heart diseases.  They help combat a number of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Some of these antioxidants are lost in the process of cooking the vegetable which is why it is essential that to reap the benefits mentioned above, you eat these vegetables raw.

They help lower cholesterol levels:

Raw vegetables are high in fiber. Fiber is essential for a number of different functions of your body. The most important perhaps is that it ensures that your cholesterol levels remain balanced and do not exceed the optimal level. This, therefore, is an immense benefit that raw vegetables provide you with.

They are packed with vitamins and minerals:

It is no secret that vegetables are packed with nutrients of all sorts. When cooked, these nutrients get destroyed by the heat. In order to make sure that you get the most of the vegetable’s goodness, you must consume it raw. Many vitamins such as vitamin C, B and D are readily found in vegetables. They also contain potassium and calcium and many more nutrients that are essential for your body.

I know at times it gets hard to eat raw vegetables. I mean, if there is a huge, cheesy burger in front of you, you will obviously be tempted to choose that over raw vegetables. Therefore, try consuming them in different ways. When you feel like munching on to something, go for a bowl of raw vegetables. While surfing the net and looking for places to buy youtube likes, munch on to a vegetable. You see, the distraction that your other activities will be giving you will allow you to ignore the taste of the vegetable if you don’t like it. Eat healthy in order to stay healthy.

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