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by Jo Wilkie

The Bishop initiative is one that takes a systematic approach to find policy and environmental solutions to improving our lifestyles through eating and active living. Families commonly found in affordable housing structures struggle to get the bare essentials for food and outdoor activities for a healthy and long lifestyle. To meed a number of basic needs such as adequate food, public transportation, community gardens and even urban agriculture goes a very long ways.

By working with GIS mapping companies and the communities we can help show where adequate levels of distribution should occur but that isn’t. Most families living in low income or fixed rental apartments have a lack of access to affordable full service grocery stores. They also have a lack of infrastructure for even safe walking commutes, biking or outdoor recreation. The current data and preexisting data reports of conditions that are not allowing for a prosperous growth in many neighborhoods across the United States.

“We’ve already got reports from local GIS mapping companies that the infrastructure for inequalities exists” – Bob Smith, GISCapatlists

The keys to success for our first upcoming board meetings requires that we have compliance from everyone involved. We need parent teacher associations, we need unions, and we need members of everywhere to come together and help make your community a better place to live.

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