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Characteristics of a Good Physician

by Jo Wilkie

When you walk into a physicians surgery for the first time you get a feel on whether they will be one you stick with or whether you move on and find another physician. Some doctors are just good at what they do, they have a way to make you feel comfortable and they have the ability to offer the patient that bit of confidence they need.

Recently I moved to a new area and chose the surgery closest to my home, it made sense. The first visit to the surgery was exceptionally unpleasant. I was greeted by a very unhappy looking female physician who must have been having a bad day. I felt like I was imposing and by the time I left her surgery I felt that I had completely wasted her time.

After months of the problem not being solved that I went to her for, I found another physician a few miles away. This man was considerate. He took the time to listen to my problem, he gave me the compassion I needed and in the end it turned out that I have to go for surgery.

The error you see was the physicians characteristics, she obviously chose the wrong career and isn’t the right type of person to deal with patients on a daily basis. It’s the same as a dreamweaver template, some of them are perfect and others not so much.

Overall a physician should have an understanding nature and understand that people don’t just head to the surgery for nothing, whatever mood they are in they should make the patient feel comfortable and be compassionate to their patients needs.

Some doctors have the knack, as I call it, they have that perfect bedside manner and are able to make any patient feel comfortable. They have the ability to get the patient to discuss any problems with ease and they have a way of dealing with the medical problems in a way that doesn’t leave the patient on edge and worried.

I’ve had two surgeries on my wrist now after that first physician decided that I was wasting her time. I’ve been in chat rooms and spoken to other patients from that surgery to find out that she just isn’t right for the job. She definitely chose the wrong profession and would have been better off being hidden in the back of an office somewhere away from patients and people in general.

So if you are wondering what makes a physician great, it’s their personality. Their ability to immediately put someone at ease and their ability to discuss sensitive matters without making a patient feel uncomfortable that makes them such great doctors.

Finding the right physician is similar to contractor leads, you get a lead and you follow it. The same should be when looking for a physician, speak to people find out who they use. Go on the internet and search for surgeries near you and then choose according to the overall patient reviews.

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