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Coaching & It’s Influence in Yoga

by Jo Wilkie

Many of us come to Yoga to decrease our stress levels and relax our bodies and our minds. I know that is certainly what inspired me to sign up for Yoga during my sophomore year of college. I was tired and anxious, pretty much all the time.

The research is certainly proving that many illnesses and lots of our common, incurable, aches and pains are directly correlated to high-stress. All illness is negatively impacted by stress – our body’s natural ability to heal is impaired when we are in a state of hyperarousal from tension. And, frustrating as it may be, it is nearly impossible to live a stress-free existence. Having children can be stressful, living in cities can be stressful, recessions can be stressful, hanging out with extended family members can be stressful, and on and on…

The best thing we can do for ourselves and the people we love is incorporate stress-reduction tools into our lives and work at reducing the main cause of stress, which is the way that we think about our circumstances. Mind-body coaching is a powerful, life-altering process for just that reason. When our body starts talking to us, usually in the form of pain, exhaustion, or illness, we tend to resist it and want it to go away, right now! However, if we can be patient and listen closely, we may come to see the pain that comes our way as a gift – the perfect springboard to heal our bodies and heal our lives.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, much of my coaching philosophy stems from my experience working with my own body and the bodies of my students. Now, I apply much of that knowledge to coaching people one on one and incorporate the best coaching tools as well. I use this method every day on myself, and teach it to my clients. People that commit to incorporating the tools into their lives see the following results: less pain and more energy, a sense of relaxed control, connection with innate happiness, and increased peace of mind.

If your interest is piqued is running an interview today with myself and another coach – YAY! Thanks Bob! You can also go and take a look at (and subscribe to the RSS feed of) the final, final (I promise) home of my newly minted and re-designed coaching blog. As a random aside, that has been one of the hardest aspects of becoming a coach – deciding what to focus on. It seems silly, in retrospect. I went back and looked at journals from up to 3 or 4 years ago, and when I was writing about what I hope to offer to the world, it was TOTALLY describing mind-body coaching.

In any case, as fellow Yoginis, you may know someone who is suffering from stress-based illness or pain. If you do, feel free to refer them. Right now, I have two openings for new clients. Before getting started, I always have a 15 – 20 minute discussion with people to make sure we are a good fit for each other. There is also no risk, as I have a 100% be satisfied guarantee. If someone is unhappy or not getting what they want from coaching, all money is returned, no hassles. That is just this Yogini’s way.

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