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by Jo Wilkie

Like many cities across the country, we strive to provide residents with access to amenities that promotes healthy living. As you know, a healthy community means a happier community. Promoting healthy outdoor activities is important, and it starts with community based organizations and political agencies that want to help local neighborhoods. Access to things like full service grocery stores, safe places for outdoor activities, and abundant public transportation helps make for a more physical and healthier lifestyle.

For the past 5 years, AHealthierTomorrow has been focused on productive partnerships throughout the United States to promote public health awareness and active eating lifestyles. With partnerships with urban planners, dieticians, transit authorities, pubic health practitioners and more. The partnerships strive to develop strategic alliances that help influence local low income neighborhoods.

Building on the Healthy Eating Initiative passed in Congress in 2008, the Affordable Eating and Health care initiative strives to make a difference in local communities everywhere. By providing access to healthier food education, diet plans, and outdoor activities for everyone. It starts with a change of the local community before the national changes can be seen.

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