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Eco Gifts and Parenting

by Jo Wilkie

One of my personal values is purchasing ecologically safe items for our family. This has definitely become more important to me over the last few years, as awareness of our global climate crisis has increased. As I mentioned in a prior post, this Christmas, I intend to either make or buy hand-made gifts, or, if I can’t do that, purchase eco-friendly items.

Yesterday, I bought one of Susanne’s birthday gifts, and quite honestly, I was tempted to order one for myself. You all tell me in the comments if you think I could pull off a personalized super-hero cape from Plum Pear Apple. I cannot WAIT to see the final product, and I will be giddy with anticipation as I wait for Susanne’s birthday to pull this bad-boy out and give it to her!

Staying home with Susanne this week I am noticing the broken-down, sad nature of her craft stuff. Thank goodness for daily email tip today with a link to Eco Art Works! How excited am I to order a few supplies for now and a few for birthday and Christmas?? How about some of these and these? And what about cooperative board games like these? They look fun, don’t they??

Okay, I’m off for more playtime with Susanne, who, today, is a fairy. Like Tinkerbell. But pink. Naturally.

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