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Friday Gratitude Exercise

by Jo Wilkie

Although we’ve been having some internet connectivity problems, I was committed to showing up tonight to get my fill for the week. Fill of what?? Well, gratitude, of course!

As I mentioned last week, I would like to take Fridays to focus on the fullness of life- Italians have a lovely way of asking this in everyday conversation, which is loosely translated as “tell me something beautiful”. I invite you to share some of the richness of your own life on your own blog, or here, in the comments.
So without further ado…

I am intensely aware of how grateful I am to feel my days fill up with productivity. It occurred to me at some point this week that as soon as Susanne entered school in DC, I probably should have started looking for work outside the home. But of course, that wasn’t possible at the time. And really, the work I will be doing here just feels like a good fit for my skills. This seems to be a great place for me to offer up the best of who I am and, with any luck, help the people around me do their jobs a little better.

Having had a few weeks off from my Yoga classes, I am excited to be beginning a new month of classes next week. I enjoy developing classes around a theme, and this month we will be focusing on compassion, or, more aptly perhaps, befriending our bodies. I love to develop class plans, because it is always a great opportunity for me to think about my own practice and reflect on how a particular idea has shaped my life. Learning to honor, respect, and listen to my body with a compassionate heart and an open mind is one of my biggest life lessons, and is certainly a great benefit of engaging in a physical practice like Yoga. You can expect to hear more on this throughout the month, but for now, I am grateful for the chance to reflect on my own practice and think of ways to bring this concept to life for my students….

Tomorrow is Mark’s birthday and we will be taking a day trip to the beach. This beach to be precise. I have heard from many people that Sperlonga is a hidden treasure of beachy love on the Mediterranean. I feel a deep and abiding adoration for water, sand, sea shells, and rocks and hope to infuse Susanne with this passion. Of course, my fair skin is ill-suited to long, hot, days baking on the sand, but thank goodness for beach umbrellas! You can rent them on practically any beach here and it makes for a fabulous, relaxing, burn-free day!

Lastly, I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers that make me smile day in and day out with their fabulous, insightful, funny posts. Like her, and her, and, of course, I can’t forget her! I feel so fortunate to have collected such a wide variety of blogging friends…

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