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Friday Gratitude Round 2

by Jo Wilkie

Happy (late) 4th of July, Yoginis! Independence Day for my beloved country. Last night, we attended a reception at the ambassador’s residence. Over 3,000 people came to celebrate the Independence of the United States. Many people, from many countries, expressed sincere congratulations. One gentleman even insisted that, “This day is the most important day for the whole world.” Wow.

I have a tendency to focus on the policies, people, and lifestyle choices that really annoy me in the United States (all in the name of “critical analysis”- how about calling it what it is- griping- instead of taking action). Yesterday, I was given a really powerful opportunity to reflect on the wonderful things about our country. As my husband said, “Despite who is in power, the principles that our country are founded on remain the same.”

Honest to God, I think that we are at an incredible crossroads in our history. A place to make the future a place that our grandchildren will want to (be able to) live. One of the things I love about America is the ability to rise to the occasion, do what it takes, and do it all with a distinctly American twist. I suspect that many others are tired of the infighting and seeming inaction in DC, which is why so many grassroots organizations are springing up like wildfires… I believe that Americans just like you and just like me are ready to build a new nation- reinvent ourselves and set the standard for the new world economy.

I am grateful to be in this time and this place in history. Sometimes it is scary to look ahead and not know if there is a happy ending waiting or to wonder if things are going to have to get significantly worse before they get better. But in my heart I believe that America is equal to the task at hand.

I am proud of my country and I am proud of my husband for serving in the role he does- creating ties and connections with other nations, building relationships in a climate where the US may not be viewed in the best light. He is brilliant and I know he does what he does because he deeply believes in our country. As a first generation American, he really appreciates all that the United States offers and is also an amazing example of who we are as a nation…

So, on this Independence Day weekend, what are you grateful for? What way does your community, your State, or your Nation shine for you? Remember to leave a comment if you link so I can go see what everyone is feeling grateful for! Happy 4th of July, Yoginis!

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