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It Was A Great Anniversary

by Jo Wilkie

Mark and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Friday. He had the afternoon off from work, so we were able to have a leisurely lunch together at a great little restaurant right between our house and centro storico before picking Susanne up from her school… we decided at lunch that we would forego unpacking for one more day and spend our Saturday.

I never cease to be amazed that as soon as you get outside of the city limits here, it is instant countryside. Once outside of the city limits, we were on peaceful country roads- but the drive is certainly not a long one! In less than an hour, we arrived in Trevignano, the town we had decided to spend the day.

We spent all of our time either on the beach or at the park, playing with Susanne. The park was terrific! Right on the lake with great play equipment… Susanne enjoyed it immensely! Between playing and feeding swans and skipping stones we had a coffee and ate a (naturally) delicious lunch. There is, like everywhere in Italy, layers upon layers of history to be discovered (that we learned nothing of), but fortunately, Lake Bracciano is close by and will be a frequent destination- especially in the summer months when a chair can be rented on the beaches…

You can see a few pictures of our trip to Trevignano on Flickr. Just click on the tag to the right of this page!


As an aside, we have decided on our first vacation spot… in late March or early April, we are going to be taking a trip to Majorca, a warm, sunny island off the coast of Spain. I. Can’t. Wait. In college, I attended school in Germany with a girl from Majorca and have wanted to visit ever since! Finally I will get my chance… warm water, white beaches, good food. Ahhhh.

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