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Lost in Translation

by Jo Wilkie

My daughter, Susanne, attends a British school. It’s the sweetest school and the teachers are awesome. I couldn’t be happier with the situation she is in, the opportunities she is given, the kids that she calls her friends.

In addition to getting a great start in her education, Susanne is also now beginning to speak the Queen’s English. Aside from the pronunciation differences, she is correcting me when I use American English!!!

me: “Susanne please throw that in the garbage.”
Susanne: “Mother, it’s called the BIN.”

Oh, okay. Really, what can you do with that except just start calling it the bin?? And this is just one of many words that have changed in our household…

So, I actually think it’s pretty cute that Susanne is picking up British English. However, the other day, someone asked me if it bothered me that Susanne was speaking differently than Susanne and I do. I was a little puzzled by the question – really, should I be worried about this? We will eventually move back to the States and she will go back to speaking American English. Simple.

Would any of you be bothered by your kids speaking with a different accent?

Oh, and can I just say, that I LOVE the way she pronounces “Yoga” in her new-found accent! Brilliant!!

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