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New Kind of Hotel

by Jo Wilkie

There is a whole industry here in Alps and the Dolomites that focuses on family vacations. Yes, I know we have disneyland and such, but this is family vacation like you’ve never seen family vacation…

From what I understand, as this is our first time going to a hotel, these places are mountain resorts that have everything you might need: activities that run the gamut from hiking to horseback riding, spa services, and fine, all-inclusive, organic dining. This is all combined with the ever-present Italian idea of “mini-club”- in other words, a place for the kids to go and be entertained while you I go get a massage and sit in the Turkish Bath and Erick rides his road bike all over the Alps.

Most exciting to me, is the dining situation. There is a main dining area and then off the dining room, there is a playroom/dining area for the children. Now, what I *think* this means is that Mark and I? We might get to have an uninterrupted conversation at dinner. This sounds almost too good to be true, but I’m excited to find out!

So, Yoginis, I will be back with you September 8th. Arrivaderci! Photos and video to come…

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