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Performing Yoga Everyday

by Jo Wilkie

I like to encourage everyone to pursue a home practice, be it Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi – really, whatever calls to you. It can be really difficult to make time for a home practice, but, I think an even bigger barrier is the “What-do-I-do-now-that-my-mat-is-rolled-out” barrier. Even after practicing Yoga for as long as I have, for crying out loud, I have days where I just want to follow a practice designed by someone else!

Even if you can’t find ten minutes to follow along with Yoga, I will encourage you with the wisdom of my very first Yoga teacher. She asked us all to pick a pose we really, really liked from class and commit to practicing that one pose every day. To slowly and gently be in the pose, to experience it fully. I was skeptical about ONE posture being a Yoga practice, but, I did it (mainly because I thought the teacher was simply amazing!). Every day, one pose. And, over time, my home practice organically grew to include more postures and also, meditation. But even had it not, one minute spent fully in the body, aware of the breath, can have more impact than an hour-long class where you are mentally checked out. Really.

What is your favorite asana? Can you find time to practice it every day? If not, what is stopping you? Tell me in the comments.

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