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Question from the audience

by Jo Wilkie

I have a question for you Yogini…In beginning yoga, how often do you recommend one practice? I am really wanting to get back into it again, but struggle to find the time. I want to take a class to learn to do the poses correctly (then maybe I can practice on my own at home) but really only have time for class once or twice a week. Any suggestions?

I am so glad that you are finding the time to take a class! Going to a class once or twice a week is a fabulous beginning and will give you a great basis for starting a home practice. After you come home from class, try to take a few minutes to jot down how you feel after your practice and also your favorite poses and key notes about those postures (this will help you develop your home practice).

As far as finding time at home, it’s hard. Just like anything else we choose to spend our time doing, we have to make time (especially when you have small children!). In this instance, though, it is easier than you might think. Once you have gone to even one class, you will have at least one or two asana (poses) that you remember and enjoy. Just do those. Whenever you have a moment, just drop into a pose, with all the attention you can bring to bear in the moment. Even better would be to choose a specific time each day that you will do your chosen asana. Do that everyday and now, you have a home practice! As time marches on, you will find more time on some days, and that will be a wonderful addition to your days!

Let me know how it goes with your practice!

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