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Returning from my trip

by Jo Wilkie

I am back!

It felt like the fastest trip ever, but I have a secret. Well, not for long.

After the initial shock of Susanne’s tears and getting out the door, I had a great time. I enjoyed thinking about Susanne, but I didn’t miss her. At all. Hey, after almost five years (if you count belly-time) of togetherness, it was time for a break. I’m pleased to report that Susanne was no worse for the wear and, dare I say it, enjoyed herself tremendously having some one on one time with Mark. And Mark? He’s pretty proud of himself for keeping Susanne put together for a whole four days. He didn’t brush her hair the whole time, but a man’s got his limits. I can grant him that.

The flights were long and the food was bad, but, I managed to watch some films that kept me entertained and, I actually laughed out loud during a few of them… I had ample time to meditate and did so. I have a great body-scan meditation loaded on my iPod which is terrific when I am really tense and can’t relax (I don’t find airline seats conducive to relaxing deeply. Maybe it’s just me!). I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to start a meditation practice, or if you travel a lot, it’s a great way to relax in-flight.

I had the luxury of staying with friends who were so sweet to accommodate me! I had a nice space where I did Yoga when I woke up at 3am both nights due to jet lag… how lovely to stretch out and drop into the body when it’s feeling a little kooky due to time zone changes!

Finally, I put the whipped cream on top of my visit by having an Accupuncture treatment with Jerry. I can’t recommend her enough if you are in the DC area. What a tasty treat before getting on a long-haul flight…

Susanne was awake when I got home and I was as thrilled to see her as she was me. It’s wonderful to be home, but it was wonderful to be away, too. And now, I’m sure next time will come sooner than later.

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