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Some Healthy Alternatives to Soda

by Jo Wilkie

Soda is a firm favorite drink and a staple in many homes throughout the world. Many believe it’s due to the sugar content that makes this drink so appealing, but it is bad for you and your teeth. Here are some alternatives that are healthier for you and will give you that sugar rush you are looking for.

Iced Tea

The advantage with iced tea is that you can add natural sugar to make it as sweet as you want. Iced tea is much healthier than soda, flushing your system, almost like a drug detox.


A cup of black or green tea is good for you; it has that little bit of caffeine in it and can be sweetened with natural sugar rather than the dangerous sugars they include in sodas these days.

Fruit Juices

Sometimes you just want the fizz of the drink as you sip it, well adding fruit juice with sparkling water can give you the fizz while offering you all the vitamins the fruit juice has to offer, a much healthier alternative that is sweet and delicious. This is one example that can make a huge impact on your health.


Lemonade is refreshing and a wonderful alternative during the warmer summer months. Make your own lemonade at home and keep it in the refrigerator, for that chilled and sweet drink. You can find great lemonade recipes online, do a simple search the same as you would do if you wanted information on Gibson Les Paul or free government cell phones.

Flavored Water

Still and sparkling water are now available in a variety of flavors, these drinks are so refreshing especially when served chilled, they offer the sweetness you are looking for and are much healthier than any soda.


Water may be the last drink you will consider, but this has so many advantages including flushing your system of toxins and giving your skin a healthy glow. It is suggested that an average adult should drink a minimum of six glasses of water each day.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to soda and are not sure if water is right for you, you should search online and then visit site on water, read more on the benefits of this natural drink and see why this is the healthier alternative for you and your family.

Water you buy in the shops is natural spring water which means it doesn’t have all the harmful chemicals in that you would find in tap water, it’s also available in still and sparkling so you are able to get the fizz if that is what you are after.

What’s so great about water is you can add flavors, fruit juices and cordials can be included to the water to give it some flavor if you can’t bear the taste of plain water. Many people choose not to drink water because it’s bland, so add your own flavor and see how enjoyable it really is.

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