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Time for a Transition

by Jo Wilkie

Beginning long before the the illness that I deal with, after I (finally) passed the CPA exam, I started thinking seriously about the big question. You know. THAT question.


You know. THAT one. Meaning. Purpose. Passion. Excellence. All that jazz…

My brain and my heart have been circling the question for a while now. Like the word that is on the tip of your tongue that you can’t quite access. That frustrating place of knowing that it’s close, but, not within range.

All that changed recently through a really amazing series of events that COULD be construed as coincidence, but they weren’t. Not at all. Let me tell you. Somehow, I came upon a free course called The Butterfly Experiment (which is no longer free) that is all about manifesting what you want in your life. The course has you focus on manifesting butterflies. I sort of half paid attention to the program and spent a total of about 4 minutes per day on it (I think she asks for 10 – 15 minutes per day), and, every day (I’m not kidding) I saw butterflies. It was pretty impressive, but even MORE impressive was the dissolution of the barrier in my mind that was hiding the answer to my burning question (remember? The one up the page a bit?).

In addition to the Butterfly Experiment (which I DO highly recommend), I have been listening to, and using the self-coaching techniques as well, so perhaps I was just ready to hear it. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My whole life has been a preparation for this – even this blog is like a big neon sign announcing my purpose to the world – I just didn’t see it! What I most want to do is to offer others a safe venue to dissolve their own barriers to living the lives they are meant to be living. A guide of sorts. A personal coach and mentor.

I am very excited about this (which is sort of an understatement) and can’t wait to get started! I have signed up for the Life Coach training that is offered and I am busily reading books and doing my homework. I am also lining up people who want to be my first coach clients, so say the word if you are interested. Seriously.

So, big changes are afoot. I begin my course in June. I anticipate I will archive this blog very soon and switch to a new website and blog – once the name of my coaching business is clear!! So many ideas for classes and programs are popping into my brain, I feel like I’m trying to run to keep up with a fast moving train! When I sit down to work on my homework and do my reading and take notes, time evaporates and I look up two, three hours later. It is a wonderful feeling.

And here is what I need from you. I have a really horrible time coming up with names. Really, it just makes me grumpy. All the names I like are taken (of course), so I have to think up bigger and better names and it’s not really my strong point. Below I have a list of the BEST names that I’ve come up with. I would be EVER so grateful if you weighed in on my poll.

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