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Where Have I Been?

by Jo Wilkie

Obviously, I have NOT been blogging. At all. I hate to even admit it, but in the last few months, Facebook has simply taken over my virtual life!! I cannot BELIEVE it took me so long to get on board with social networking! In fact, I have fallen so deeply in love with all the cool new stuff that keeps us connected that, at work, I will be teaching a class on social networking (Facebook and other ways to stay connected) in May (among other similar classes). Yes, I have drunk the social media kool aid! And that has kept me busy, busy.

But, you say, blogging is a social media tool as well! Why stop blogging?? (note: deep secret about to be revealed…) Well, when I first got onto Facebook, I linked my blog to my Facebook page (of course!) and my blog posts are announced on my Facebook feed. This is great, right? Exposure is good! Right?? Right????

Frankly, it started weirding me out.

I adore Yoga. It is so much a part of who I am, that it touches and informs every part of my life. However, there are a great number of people that I interact with in the world that I simply have not connected with on that level. Say, people I work with. Or, say, people my husband works with. And I needed some time, I think, to evaluate my comfort level with such a disparate audience having access to what, in many cases, amounts to some very personal, tender places in me. I have nothing to hide, and yet, I suppose on some level, I still feel that maybe “normal” people might find my spiritual, introspective bent odd and judge me for it. On the other hand, if I were to take a more positive (confident) view, I would be delighted that more people in my life would be exposed to Yoga, know more about who I am, and, perhaps, something I write might be of help to them in their own lives at some juncture.

On other, more mundane matters, for those of you who have not drunk the Facebook kool aid, Susanne is growing up so fast and, I can say without a doubt that four is the best age EVER! She is funny, curious, independent, opinionated, lively… just fully and completely herself. I read a blog post recently (and I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember where, so if you wrote it, please leave a comment and take your credit!!) about a father who kept a daily journal the year each of his kids were four with quotes, observations, and experiences. This woman had been the recipient of the book from her father and she loved it so much, she decided to do the same for her children. I IMMEDIATELY began a journal for Susanne, because, every single day she says or does something that is so amazing and magical that I realized that I had to capture this for her.

Rome has re-entered my graces after a really challenging winter by providing sunshine, blooming trees, and singing birds for Spring. It’s about time. Seriously.

Finally, my wonderful Friday morning Yoga and meditation class is an absolute treasure! We are currently working with Metta Bhavana (Loving-kindness) meditation and, well, I am certainly having a lot of personal insights!! We practiced for two weeks directing metta ONLY to ourselves and, well, I will be writing more about that later- because for me, it was simply incredible! I have not practiced intensely with metta meditation since Susanne was a little baby (I would practice metta every time she nursed, so, uh, I was meditating. A lot.) so it has been very powerful for me to practice this concentration meditation technique again.

And now, Yoginis, Susanne and I must prepare for an Easter Egg hunt today. I have vegan cupcakes to frost, so my dear, sweet, girl can have a yummy, egg-free treat during the festivities.

I will leave you with a Spring gatha:

When the blossoms are showy and pink,
I vow with all beings,
To delight in Springtime’s abundance,
All the sweeter after winter’s deep sleep.

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